Being an Empath, Spiritual Psychic, and Intuitive Channel relates to the expansion or evolution of one's consciousness by understanding not only the energy around you but also beyond you and in the future. It is a connection to the light/source energy.  An awakened spiritual body has an awareness of all activity, be it physical, emotional, and intuitional.

Spiritual values are qualified by ever-widening horizons and synthesis; which brings about growth, greater vision, understanding, and awareness of our nonphysical depths.  It's the integration of this spiritual connection with source and the extra sensory process that bridges what is possible within the depth of our relationship with the universe.  

I am aware! I DO pay attention to what I hear (clairaudient), see (clairvoyant), feel (clairsentient), and know (claircognizant).  This awareness stretches far beyond my physical form.  I embrace my gift of expansive spiritual consciousness, intuitive awareness, and psychic ability thus...Bridging Enlightenment & Universal Concepts all to help my clients!



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SPIRITUAL intuitive

I see what other people cannot see.

I feel things that other people cannot feel.

I hear spirit when other people cannot hear.

  I know what other people do not know. 

I am blessed to be PSYCHIC.

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