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In Michelle's words:

Growing up most of my life in the conservative Midwest, having this ability was not embraced. I recall as far back as three years old that I possessed something pretty special.  I remember standing at the top of the steps with my eyes shut tight, fists clenched with arms bent and to my side, saying over and over again in my head, "I want to be at the bottom of the steps, I want to be at the bottom of the steps."  When I opened my eyes, I was standing at the bottom of the steps, and do not remember how I got there. I would do that over and over, without really understanding how it was happening.  I would walk past a light that was turned on, focus on it going out, and sure enough, it would go out. On far too many occasions, the phone would ring and before it was picked up I knew who was calling.  I felt spirits in the room without explanation as to who they were. Things would pop into my head at the strangest times. In general, I just knew things about people, circumstances, outcomes, and truths that were not being told.  I did not understand how I knew these things, but I did.   

I struggled for a very long time deciding who I should or shouldn't tell about my ability.  There were also times I wanted to grab a person and say will you PLEASE just listen to me.  It was so frustrating and I didn't know how to deal with it. I never wanted to sound like a know it all.  Getting a validation was the only way I could prove, even to myself, that my intuition was correct.  Getting any validation was like feeding my soul.  

Without question, my knowing hit a cord with far too many people. So instead of coming out with my ability, I would position my knowing in casual conversation. Sometimes with humor.  Sometimes I would give advice, and other times I would just blurt it out because I could not keep what I had to say in any longer.  I was always afraid of what people would think of me.  I especially was concerned about risking my professional reputation. I had a great career and a successful business.  The risk was that many people believe this ability is all crazy making and nonsense.  Deep down inside I wanted to scream from the rooftops I'M PSYCHIC, but you know how people are.  How do I tell a client that I just closed a multi-million dollar transaction with..."Oh and by the way I'm psychic?"  YOU DON'T, you keep your mouth shut.    The funniest thing is, once you prove your accuracy, it's the non-believers that want to ask a million questions.  This work is not easy.  A friend of mine who also has perceptive abilities said it best, "It's a lonely place to be in at times isn't it Michelle?"  That really hit home with me.

Even from my early teens, I had a following of girlfriends that sought me out for advice about dating, relationships, and life. I was thinking to myself, are you kidding me, why are they relying on me, my life is far from perfect. I found myself time and time again spending hours helping, supporting and advising.  That was the only way I could silently share my gift without feeling like others were judging me.    

I have gone to psychics my entire life. After every reading I would walk away feeling even more frustrated thinking to myself, I need to stop my madness, gain the courage to tell people about this gift, and openly do it myself.  Finally, in the late 90's I started doing readings way-way under the radar.  My close friends regularly sought me out for advice and even then I did not share my ability with most of them. If I had a dime for every single time I heard, " I want to say it just like that Michelle, can you please write that down for me or email it," I'd be a multi-millionaire.  

Talk about fear!  To support my yearning to 'come out,' I started producing metaphysical events and promoted other psychics helping them build their business.  I was vicariously living through the psychics I was promoting.  How crazy is that!  

Life is all about timing and readiness.  I finally crossed that bridge, and the rest is history.  I want to thank God/Source, my gatekeepers, spirit guides, and angels for finally getting my attention by pushing me to gain the courage and share my ability without fear. I also want to thank my close friends, clients, and especially my son and my mother.  They always believed in me.  I am truly grateful that I genuinely and naturally possess this ability...I am blessed to be psychic."

Michelle compassionately shares channeled messages about potential mates, relationships, career, business, finances and more.  With documented accuracy, she zero's in on the past, current and future circumstances and timelines by utilizing her clairaudient (hearing), claircognizant (knowing), clairvoyant (seeing), and clairsentient (feeling) ability.  Helping and supporting her clients is her top priority.  As she accesses information, she describes her visions, all while providing guidance and intuitive insight.  Sometimes she will use tools such as cards, pendulum dowsing, and psychometry. Michelle embraces the opportunity to help guide you to a better understanding of self, life and your future.

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