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TESTIMONIAL:  Michelle has been a huge help to me with her wise intuitive and psychic insights and guidance.  For the past years, through about 5 consultations with her, she helped to make virtually unbearable situations easier to bear and navigate.  She told me in advance how much my Mom’s house would sell for, what the people would be like and she was correct. Not only am I more relaxed now, but the information and guidance she has provided me have helped me to clearly see what I needed to do in these situations.   Over the years I have also talked to other people with gifts similar to Michelle, but NONE have been more accurate, wise and helpful than her. She is also extremely easy to talk to and is very fair with her fee (probably too low).  Anyone that is struggling with difficult personal or business situations of any kind would be wise to call her immediately.  She has been a huge blessing to me and my family. I feel honored to know her.  Donald S. July 2016

TESTIMONIAL: My niece who lives across the country was trying to get pregnant for about 3 years using several methods.  Early in 2013, she called me with little hope, so I suggested that she talk to Michelle.  She is a total non-believer in anything metaphysical, but she agreed to do so only via email.  Without Michelle ever speaking to her or meeting her, she shared the following in an email to my niece:  That she would need to resort to in vitro fertilization.  She would get pregnant by June 2014.  It would be a boy, even though she really wanted a girl.  On May 15, 2014, she called me to announce she was pregnant and it was her first try using in vitro.  In August 2014 she found out she is having a boy.  While she wanted to hear what Michelle had to say, and even though it came true, she still refused to write a testimonial because she feels it is just a coincidence.  I am so impressed with Michelle's ability and accuracy, that I personally wanted to share this testimonial since I put them together.  Thank you so much, Michelle, for giving my skeptical niece some hope.  We shall see if all the other things you predicted do come true.  You are incredible!  Wendy-Jo August 2015

TESTIMONIAL:  Wow! Right on! A friend of mine referred me to Michelle and without knowing a thing about me, she described me and my current situation to a T during the very first reading. She told me I would be asked to stay in a condo for the summer and that very night my friend offered her condo to me for the summer.  I asked Michelle if I should sell my van or wait until I go to Idaho to sell it, and she answered "no, not yet.  You will get an unexpected inquiry about it, and you’ll know what to do." The very next day I had someone ask about it and the day after I got yet another inquiry out of the blue.  Furthermore, Michelle told me to be wary of a medical problem which I could not imagine because I had zero issues.  Weeks later, a spot was found on my lung during a visit to the ER.  I asked Michelle if it was cancer, and she said "no."  She was correct, it was an infection.  I have always been open to things like this but was not really expecting such accuracy.  I look forward to seeing if some of the other things she shared with me about my future come true. With confidence, I would definitely encourage anyone to get a reading with Michelle.  My time was well spent! Gail B. April 2015

TESTIMONIAL: The information that you predicted is not common Knowledge…I had asked you about an individual who was in a high administrative position at my place of employment. You said that this person would not stay and would be leaving abruptly at the beginning of September 2015.  A public announcement was made that August 28th would be the last day of employment for this person because they were retiring.  You had mentioned that this person would leave suddenly because of some sketchy actions made by them.  I later learned from a reliable source that this individual did make some sketchy decisions that negatively impacted several people and they left before anything became public. Thank you for your insight!
Natalie Soy Y. February 2016

TESTIMONIAL:  Michelle is Amazing!  In my 15-minute reading the guy she told me I was going to meet by July, mid-September I did meet. He was exactly as she told me...he was older than me, had a good job, a not too young daughter, and she described him perfectly. She also said something about the two of us being around a fire but it was not clear.  Well, we scheduled a hot air balloon ride and the balloon caught on fire above us. Michelle, thank you for your incredible gift.  Because of your accuracy, I will be calling you again.  Yulia F.  March 2018

TESTIMONIAL:  I did a reading in May with Michelle. After reviewing what she told me I could not believe the accuracy of the reading.  I was extremely impressed and so much so, I had to call her again.  She told me something would occur to me in four months and sure enough, what she said did happen as Michelle stated it would, even though at the time what she shared seemed like a long shot.  Michelle is very caring and has a knack of just letting the information she receives flow. I have had many readings in the past from other psychics, but I certainly like the honesty and the fact that Michelle answers every question, including medical questions.  Joe L.  August 2017

TESTIMONIAL: Spot on Michelle!  In April, I asked about my career.  You predicted I had an opportunity for a new job with a group of doctors or a practice!  Then I followed up with you again asking about something related to my current employment, you said again wait for the group/practice opportunity.  As you predicted, I just signed a contract this AM with a radiology group.  How much better can it get! I also asked if my nephew’s wife would get pregnant because they were having problems and could not conceive.  You mentioned a birth that had already taken place and I did not know about it.  I was able to confirm that she did, in fact, have a miscarriage, which they had not shared with me.  You also told me that she WOULD get pregnant and I just found out she is! Thank you, Michelle, for your accuracy.  You truly do have an incredible ability.  Mini S. May 2017

TESTIMONIAL: I am post-menopausal and was going through a lot of medical tests because of some recurring UTI's that I had never experienced before.  With my symptoms, I’m told at my age they start looking for possible cancers.  I was worried about my scheduled cystoscopy.  I visited with Michelle for a 15-minute reading.  Michelle told me “Do not worry they will find nothing; however, they may tell you about something they see that is a little different.”  Well, the doctor said, “You are fine and have some bladder irritation. However, I have never seen such a short urethra before that's why it was a little hard getting the scopes in.” Michelle, you were correct and I was relieved.  I asked her about my 76-year-old wayward brother that I had not talked to in years and if he knew our sister had died.   You said, “He will know. However, you won’t be the one to tell him, nor will you hear from him.”  I looked up his son, whom we had not seen in 20 years and we had a wonderful visit.  His son told me that he had seen my post on Facebook about my sister’s death. That prompted him to send a registered letter to his father’s last known address to share the news of his sister’s passing and he believes he did get that letter.  So, you were right my brother found out, not through me, nor have I heard from him.  I am now waiting to see if what you told me will happen this spring.   Thank you, Michelle!  I am so impressed with your gift.   I cannot wait to visit with you again in person.  Elva P.  April 2017

TESTIMONIAL:  Recently I lost my keys, which had my condo mailbox key, my front door key and the key fob for my car. I searched for hours on more than one occasion over a few days. I was stressed beyond belief and didn’t know what to do.  I decided to call Michelle and asked her for some help. She kept saying to me, “There is fabric around them.  They are in some kind of fabric.  You’re going to find them keep looking.”  I looked again and again…still no luck. So I had to resort to getting backup keys for everything, which was costly.  Several days after getting all new keys, I wanted to step outside in the morning, so I reached for my robe that hangs in my bathroom.  I heard a jingle in the robe's pocket and to my surprise, it was my set of keys that I had lost!  Michelle was spot on with saying, “They are stuck in some kind of fabric”. Who knew that they would be in something that I don’t use all the time.  I was blown away because I thought, she’s wrong.  NOT!  She is truly a gifted psychic and I would gladly go back to her again. Thank you, Michelle, for your accuracy and for sharing your gift!  Adam B. March 2017

TESTIMONIAL:  I went to get a reading from Michelle in the fall of 2015 and was surprised when it naturally switched to a friend of mine, Mary. Michelle's thoughts turned to a series of severe health problems Mary was having and the areas where they were located and if not addressed, she was at severe risk. We alerted Mary about what Michelle said, she got proactive and started to get full body testing.  Fast forward to the following fall of 2016.....Mary received most of her test results...An aortic aneurysm; blockages in the lines to her liver; etc. Diagnosis:  Too risky to help her.  She is now going to my heart doctor.  Thank you, Michelle, for helping my friend.  She would have never known how bad it was without your help.  Elizabeth R. December 2016

Hope you received my e-mail about how you helped my friend Mary.  But...the more immediate miracle was how you saved my husband.  You said he MUST check his feet and legs....pain and discolorment especially and you knew nothing about that.  He had plenty of pain in his legs but when he checked his feet that very night you told us...HIS TOES WERE PURPLE/BLUE.  I made an appointment to see a Heart Doctor.  Diagnosis:  75% blockage in both legs.  After surgery by Dr. Shore, Ed walks with no pain in legs.  You know what could have happened if you wouldn't have alerted my husband.  Our opinion
?...You saved my husband from a possible heart attack or stroke. God Bless You  Ed & Elizabeth R. October 2016



TESTIMONIAL: Michelle is accurate about her readings. She is honest if she cannot make a call. She was right about my mother who passed away last month. It was short and quick - just as she had predicted. I could not have planned her departure any better.  Mini S. July 2019

TESTIMONIAL:  I recently saw Michelle at an event. As always, she validates why I gravitate to see her.  She will continue the reading when needed and doesn’t charge you more for doing so. She cares about her clients and tries her best to make it worth your time and money. I would definitely recommend Michelle if you are looking for the real thing! Debbie M. July 2019

TESTIMONIALI was dating someone and just by looking at a picture on my phone, she gets ALL of this correct... she immediately told me things about him that he had recently shared; she said things about someone that looked to him as a father figure; about the way he acted; about the synchronicities he had. I was blown away at everything she said as it was exactly who he was and who he was showing himself to be. If you are looking for someone that can tell you things as she sees them, good, bad or indifferent, Michelle is the real deal. She truly has a gift and I’m amazed at the accuracy of everything she said. Call Michelle. You will not be sorry.  Suzanne S. April 2019

 TESTIMONIAL:  OMG…you were spot on with everything!  Prior to an event last year I chose you from the pictures online, yet I wanted to walk thru to see if I picked up any vibes from anyone else-NO I knew I had to see you. My daughter was struggling with her BFF over a mutual attraction they both had over a guy.  For my daughter it was very powerful, the feelings were mutual, and she did not know what to do. The advice you gave was amazing!   As a Mom, who for the 1st time couldn't find the words to help her daughter, I told her exactly as you suggested and it worked!  The girls are still best friends, my daughter and her guy are talking about marriage with a wedding in 2019. As I got up to leave our reading you said she would be pregnant in 2 years. I was stunned and have goosebumps as I write that!  Thank you for your sage advice on how to communicate with her girlfriend, I truly appreciate it. -----  Fast forwarding to today and one year later, during our follow-up phone call WOW!  Just from looking at my picture you nailed my medical issues…from my teeth to my stomach/intestines, and even the issues with the tips of my fingers that were hidden under the table in the pic.  Plus you said other things I knew to be true.  I don’t know how you know this stuff just by looking at a simple picture, but it’s amazing and just further validation of your incredible gift.  I will keep you posted on the other things discussed.  Thank you so much Michelle!  Debra E.  April 2019

  Thank you for a wonderful and freeing time last week.  I have regained my healthy perspective and feel back in tune.  I have to tell you the reason I believe in you is that you are genuine. I enjoyed our time; you have a very uplifting presence!  Robin B. Jan 2019 


TESTIMONIAL:  Michelle, I am truly humbled that I have had the opportunity to speak with you.  I have always been skeptical about talking to a psychic on the phone, but your insight into my relationship with my girlfriend was powerful.  You knew nothing about me, except for my first name and some photos that I sent.  You did not ask me any questions at all, as you went right into what you had experienced during your preparation mediation. There is no way that you could have known anything about what you had told me.  In the matter of fact, there was nothing, absolutely nothing that was vague or remotely vague in your reading.  You talked about issues with very detailed-specific attention and I am amazed. I am going to point out some quick things that really struck me:  you mentioned our relationship "Took Root" this year, and after being off and on for 3 years that is absolutely correct; you described my girlfriends friend that passed away and how he is helping her and she agreed 100%; you stated her very specific physical problems that she is experiencing that no one in the world besides me, her, and her doctor is aware of and the possibilities of what is causing it; you absolutely nailed my personality and hers and how we can deal with our differences; you stated very specific issues that she is having with her son and issues that her son is, in fact, dealing with; you mentioned some very specific things to allow us to overcome some obstacles, and I have already started the ball rolling and have seen some positive results.  These are just some of the items that I have identified in our time together. You truly have a blessed gift and I am truly thankful for every word that we shared.  You have no idea how important that was for me to talk with you that day and the information that was discussed. I am very grateful and I will be calling you again. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!  JK 10/2018

TESTIMONIAL:  Michelle said I would meet a lady on my trip to Florida that would be a special gift to me and it would be an incredible relationship. This was 100% accurate and I was astonished.  We have been living together now for 3 years. We connect at a heart and deep spiritual level and share so much in common. She has been one of the great blessings of my life. Michelle has been a great help to me in past readings also in other ways that have been vital to me.  She has an incredible gift!  Thank you, Michelle.  John J S Sept 2018 

TESTIMONIAL: Being best friends with you in high school, I had no idea how gifted you were.  You did a good job hiding it from us.  I do recall you stopping and blurting out random things, or you were always shaking your head with feelings about things that would often come true.  Over 40 years later, out of the blue during a personal conversation, you asked me if I had a new job.  You said that I see you in a setting that is huge like a hospital.  You were not sure what it was because it had not evolved yet, but it was in the medical field. You also said be ready to hit the ground running because this was going to be fast and huge.  Sure enough, I was offered an incredible position with a start-up company in the healthcare/pharmacy field. You could not have been more spot on.  In just one month this business has exploded and I could not be happier.  My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.    Thank you for giving me the courage to take my life back.  You reached out to me at my breaking point and gave me HOPE!  I will always feel blessed and inspired by you for your incredible gift of knowing.  Michele S.  March 2018

TESTIMONIAL:  I wanted to give you an update on my reading. You said I was having abdominal issues, which I was not at the time of the reading. You felt like it was around the bowl area. Well, I was shocked to find out that I have uterine fibroids that are making me bleed and having painful cramping. Close enough, as it was in that same area! You also said I would be meeting someone tall (6 ft. or over), into fitness, and that he would be half Spanish, Italian or Greek and that I would have to teach him how to treat me.  Well, I did meet someone fitting that description. He's half Italian and half Greek, 6'3, dark hair and eyes like you described, and he is training for a bodybuilding competition. It's still in the beginning stages, we are still learning each other, so I guess that could be considered "teaching him how to treat me".  You also said something was wrong with my car and you thought it was my breaks. It’s only 3 years old and at that time it was fine, but now there is something wrong.  I have added break-fluid, I cannot figure out what it is, so I’m thinking about trading it in. You have a wonderful gift and I'm so glad Natalie found you and referred you to me.  Yevette B.  July 2017

TESTIMONIAL:  Thank you again for an amazing reading and for helping me set the direction to find my purpose in my life's journey.  I was so surprised when without knowing anything you said sound therapy would help with my quest for spiritual growth.  Little did you know I had already researched it and had something scheduled.  That was a validation right there.  You said it would be amazing for me and I love it.   I'm so excited to continue on this path!  It is like I have finally found the right road.  Another incredible validation was when you said that my grandson was being visited by a male spirit that called me the “liaison between them”. Poor little guy wakes up crying and tells me that he is scared of the man and shadows.  I'm praying the sound therapy is opening my third eye and will allow me to open up enough to in fact help my grandson connect with the spirit on the other side that keeps visiting him.  You are truly gifted and an amazing soul. Thank you! I look forward to my own spiritual growth.  Christine M. June 2017

TESTIMONIAL:  Michelle is amazing! I went to a psychic fair in February 2017 with a couple girlfriends. Felt overwhelmed with choosing a psychic but decided to see Michelle. My husband was out of work and I was distraught. Michelle picked up on this right away. She told me not to worry and that everything would be okay. Her reading was right on and everything she said about my situation worked out exactly as she said. She's a gifted psychic and one of the best I have seen. If you have questions she has answers. Be assured she is the real deal!  JoAnn D. May 2017

TESTIMONIAL:  A friend of mine referred me to Michelle for a reading.  Much to my shock within two month's two things I thought would never happen came true.  She said she saw my son getting into an accident in a blue car and asked if he drank.  She also said that the two gentlemen I worked for were going to split up; that I would be working with one of them, and it would be a really good move for me.  Well, my son owned a white truck, not a blue vehicle and I thought no way that is going to happen.  Not to mention that the two partners I work with were thick as thieves and I never thought they would break up.  Both things happened a week apart and I was like WOW!  I now have a real appreciation for Michelle’s very real gift.  If you want a straightforward, tell it like it is, no fluff reading, I would not hesitate for a minute to recommend her.  Michelle has a remarkable ability!   Stacy F.  May 2017

TESTIMONIAL:  I had a short 15-minute reading with Michelle and I HIGHLY recommend her.  She mentioned that I would get a great job, but not until December. She also mentioned a friend of mine with dark hair was going to betray me, which I could not possibly imagine.  Everything else she mentioned during the reading seemed to be spot on with what was going on in my life and she had never even laid eyes on me before. I called her for a follow-up reading about four months later because I had two great job offers that would begin in December.  She was correct!  I also validated that my friend, did in fact, betray me.  Correct again!  During our follow-up call, I needed advice about which job to take. She said “Take the larger property that is not as nice, you will suggest something like tearing down walls to change it and they will like it. It will open more doors and you will get other projects because you’ll have your signature on it.”  That was crazy because I talked with my dad before I called Michelle and he pretty much said the exact same thing.  Talk about a validation!  Michelle is truly gifted and I would recommend that anyone seeking advice or help should call her. Tami H. November 2016

TESTIMONIAL:  Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift of intuition in the psychic realm with me. At the beginning of this year, I was going through many changes and I needed some guidance. One major change was my divorce after being married for 20 years. You shared that my soon to be Ex would get to a point of nervous breakdown, become suicidal and wouldn't be able to work.  That did, in fact, come true.  On numerous occasions, you were able to tell me specific things about people I was going to meet from the dating site simply by showing you a photo.  You shared specific things about who they were and what would happen.  Every single time you were spot on!
One person, in particular, that stands out to me… when you saw his picture you felt that he was struggling with depression and to watch out for that because it may become an issue. By first impressions, he didn't seem to be a depressed person.  We started spending a lot of time together and it was apparent and he ended up sharing with me that he was struggling with depression and it hindered him from being able to open up to others.  You have inspired me to look into my own self and trust my own intuitions as well. Your abilities are undeniably real and have proven to be extremely helpful to me.   I truly appreciate you; and your incredible ability!  Kim E. October 2016

TESTIMONIAL:  Michelle is by far one of the most accurate psychic readers I've ever known; and believe me, I speak from experience.  Unlike most psychics that I know, she is able to keep her own ego out of the way so her clients receive the channeled information in its purest form.  If this isn't enough, her integrity and desire to help people are "off the charts".  To me, she's the best in every way possible!!! Wendy R. AZ  November 2015

TESTIMONIAL:   In truth, I'm a natural skeptic.  The first time I had a reading with Michelle, she accurately described a man I was going to meet, down to the detailed aspects of his personality.  About two months later, I met him and we are still dating.  I could just go on and on about how impressed I am with her predictions and so many things.  Sharing her gift with me has provided much internal insight.  What I especially appreciate about Michelle is that she presents her information in a very calm and welcoming manner.  Because of her gift, I am no longer a skeptic.  I continue to be blown away with her accuracy and highly recommend her as a psychic reader. Dana S. 


TESTIMONIAL:  I have been to so many psychic readers and not one can compare to Michelle.  She has an extreme gift unlike any I have ever experienced. After 3 years of dating my boyfriend, he disappeared in April 2014 and I thought he was dead.  I was devastated.  Michelle said I would hear from him in July and he would want to visit with me for a 'safe place' to land in August, but that outcome was up to me.  She said the same would happen in October. She even told me the state he was located in and about his health issues (there is no possible way she could know about these things).On July 1st at 10:10 I got a text from him.  On July 10th he called and he was in CA, just where she said he was. On August 23rd, he called again wanting to come to my house to see me.  October, sure enough, he contacted me again.  Michelle is incredible, and a very real psychic. Her accuracy and guidance are without question the best I have ever had.  I highly recommend Michelle to anyone wanting a reading, or guidance and advice.  She is the best! Maria F. May 2015


TESTIMONIAL:  I only had two readings over the phone with Michelle in a few months and she gave me amazing insights about every single person I asked her about.  I don’t know how she knows what she knows!  She was incredibly helpful in guiding me about my situation at my current job and more importantly, she has been right about every single thing!!! She continues to be correct.  Wow! She inspired me to take the next steps in my career, life and to dream bigger. I've been feeling so great ever since my reading. It's like she gave me permission to do the things I've always wanted to do.  Michelle is truly gifted…Eyvonne T. February 2016