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How do you book a reading?

1. Email me at me@michelledolores.com  and let me know what days/evenings work for you and how much time you want.  I also need to know who referred you.  Note:  I will only do in-person readings if booking 1 hour and only if I know the person who referred you.

2.  I will email you back with a few options.

3.  Once your option is selected, I will send you an invoice via Pay Pal, for which you can pay with any credit card.  This invoice must be paid not less than 24 hours prior to the reading.  If you are having trouble, I can take payment over the phone the day before.  

4.  If you have photos you want to send me, please send to my email listed above and indicate the person/s first name and their relationship to you.  Please let me know what specific questions also.  

5.  Make sure you provide me with the phone number I should call you on.  I likely will be calling from a restricted number, so please pick up my call at the appropriate time.

Most of my business comes from referrals, for which I am grateful!  Thank you for the confidence you have placed in me.  Your reading selection is below!  

Note:  Before my readings, I clear my chakra's and go into meditation to tap into your energy for the best possible connection and outcome.  What may seem to you as a short timeframe is an extended time for me due to the attention I give to each client. My desire is to provide you with the most authentic reading possible!  


This is excellent to get continued guidance from spirit.  It helps keep you on track and guide you to better decisions.  

Psychic Photo Analysis
What is it?  Do you want to gain more insight into a potential mate/date, employee, coworker, boss, a friend, the neighbor, etc.?  A psychic photo analysis is similar to psychometry, whereby I look at a picture and get impressions.  Those impressions come in many forms like emotions, sounds, images, feelings, etc.  I will share more about their personalities and possibilities.  I will share aspects of who they are and give you some guidance.   
How do I do this?  Once you’ve decided how much time you need, all you need to do is email the photo/s (2 max for 15 minutes) to me at me@michelledolores.com  

Please include their first name and who they are to you. Also, share the context in which you want me to analyze the photo, e.g.
1.  I am single, met them on a dating site, have been talking with them, and we scheduled a meet and greet, what do you see?  
2.  I have been offered a new job/promotion/, or I'm having issues at my current job with another coworker... I want some insight into...

Testimonial: On numerous occasions, you were able to tell me specific things about people I was going to meet from the dating site simply by showing you a photo.  You shared specific things about who they were and what would happen.  Every single time you were spot on!

A General Reading
With the general reading, we can cover a lot of ground about many subjects.  If you have several questions about different areas in your life, this would be the best reading for you. 

Love & Relationship Reading
Most of us have been there and done that.  It does not make any difference if you are heterosexual, gay or lesbian, we have all gone through stuff in relationships. We ask ourselves: Is he or she the right person? How will the kids feel? Everything seemed to be going along swimmingly and then something changed what's up?  Here is where my unique ability, intuitive insight, and guidance comes in.  

Career/Business/Finances Reading
Should I take the job? When will I make more money?  Is this the right career path for me? Something is up at work, and I do not know what...the list goes on.  I can bring clarity and divine intervention.  I always suggest that you bring photos of anyone in question like a boss or coworker.

Owner / Employer Business Outlook Reading
Are you hiring someone new, but cannot decide on which candidate?  Do you want to make some internal changes?   Something seems to be wrong, but you cannot put your finger on what it is, and you need help seeing through all the garb?  Do you need business direction and or ideas?  My unique ability and insight will help!  Include me in your hiring process when conducting interviews.  Invite me to join you in meetings so that I can get a sense of what is going on and with whom.  Or to make it simple, send me a person's photo for a Psychic Photo Analysis.  Sometimes business owners are inside the forest, but cannot see through the trees.  This reading is meant to go deeper into the aspects of your business that are giving you angst, and I will look at it from an intuitive level.    

                                                                                   15 Minutes             $35

                                                                                   20 Minutes             $40

                                                                                   30 Minutes             $60

                                                                                   45 Minutes             $85

                                                                                   1 hour                     $100

                                                                                   1 hour in-person     $125